Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hercules Crushing the NBA

Hercules, A Basketball Professional!!!!

     " It was amazing how he dunked over Kobe like he was thin air!" one spectator exclaimed. " It's as
if he had practiced for centuries!" another said. Hercules has recently joined the Miami Heat and has lead them on a streak of wins! Their last game was against the Lakers and the Lakers just got crushed! Dwane crossed Kobe, Lebron spun Kobe, and most of all, Hercules dunked on Kobe.

Hercules may even beat all the records made in NBA history. The association said Hercules was so good that they decided that he would get the ring for every year till the end of his retirement! That's just one of the accomplishments. Do you think Hercules deserves these rewards? Also, do you think that anyone can defeat this Basketball machine? Tell us in the comments below and remember to give this your best thought?

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